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Hair 9

31. října 2007 v 14:12 | AnDeNkA |  ♥mixx♥

Go Find The Money !

The devil wears prada.
Hit me baby one more time =P
What I started and stopped it from end to beginning
Sarcam the lowest form of whit.
You'll be amazed.
A reason to start over new
I'm sorry that I hurt you
caught everyone out.
I hate what you think i am.
Looking back at the past we once survived.
All the things she said.
So throw on the black dress
Fully alive.
The birthday massacre

Your are beautiful, Your a Ideal for me
This rage that lasts a thousand years
Kiss my eyes and lay me to sleep
I don't want to die....
Yes i've lost my mind.
The sky will make me sick.

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